Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yea for Best Friends

This weekend we went up from where Liji's parents live to Washington to visit one of my best friends, Rachel and her husband. I realized as I got there that it had been way too long. We just have way too much fun. We were roomates in college our first year and have been friends ever since. Husbands are the best. I love Liji to death; but there is something wonderful about girl time. I just need it. I can express myself freely and actually feel understood. It's great!

Saying Goodbye

As you can see I haven't done a very good job of keeping this updated since I started it a year ago, but since Liji and I have a huge adventure ahead of us that we would like to share with all of our friends and family I thought I would start my posts. For those of you who haven't heard; at the beginning of June we will be going to South Korea to teach English at a private elementary school there. Our contract is for a year, so if everthing goes as planned we will be gone until next June about.
We're in Oregon right now saying goodbye to Liji's side of the family. We have had a wonderful time and are going to miss everyone so much. We are also still waiting to know if we have to go to the Korean Consulate in Seatle to have an interview before we leave Oregon. Man this whole visa process has about driven me crazy. It has just been waiting on one thing and then another. I can't wait until we are on the way.