Thursday, August 26, 2010

CAUTION! This Could Get Long! First Stop: HAWAII!

Liji is off to start of school meetings and lunch so I feel like I finally have a little bit of free time. Therefore, I'm finally going to be getting to our Summer Update. Since June we have stayed in 13 different States and I can't even count how many hours we've been in the car; but it was all worth it for the family and friends that we were able to visit with.
We started off by stopping in Hawaii for 10 days on our way home from Korea; and boy was it a fun 10 days!
We searched for sea creatures
We attended my nephew Charlie's baptism in the ocean and were the key note speakers.
We had lot's of BBQ's in the park by the beach.
Liji even caught his own meals:)
We tried out Paddle Boarding.

Enjoyed amazing evenings on the balcony of the hotel.
Found beatiful places to swim and play.

Made some twin island mountains to match the ones in view.
Found some great rocks where the waves crash up HUGE on them!
That's Liji in the middle of that wave.
Before he got drenched:)
If you look close you can see me up at the top of the picture just out from the rock cliff.
We hiked to a lot of beautiful waterfalls.
Tried to see what it would feel like if we were Tarzan and Jane~!

Got Wet, Wet, and Wet some more.
More Dinner! If you can't tell Liji was pretty excited about this one;)
Somewhere out there in the waves is Liji trying out surfing.

Got to keep practicing our photo taking skills.
Let's play; Where's Liji? He climbed some really massive trees.

Hiked through the rainforest and got really muddy.
Enjoyed some wonderful conversation with my long missed family.
Dug out some pools in the sand with our adorable nieces.
Watched some dolphins do some tricks with our very excited nephews.
Swam in the hotels new tropical paradise pool.
Did some more cliff jumping at sunset!
Liji and my brother Paul gettin back from some fun in the waves.
And we of course left some time in there to go swim with some more sea turtles.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally Settled

Don't really have time to update you on everything that has gone on in the last 2 and a half months since we've been back from Korea. I'll have to do that a bit later cause we have definately seen and done a lot. For now we made it to Logan yesterday and should be officially settling down. Getting everything organized right now and probably won't get to posting our summer pictures until after that's done; but we've stayed in 13 different states and I have now been able to see everyone on my side and Liji's side of the family. Thanks to everyone who put up with us, gave us beds, and fed us! We really do have the best family and are so happy to be closer to everyone.