Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sad Day

Right now I work at an employment training facility for adults with disabilities and I love it, but I guess it can also have it's hard moments. This morning as I was walking into work my directors husband stopped me and told me that he thought I should know one of my clients passed away that morning. They found him dressed so they know it wasn't in his sleep but don't know what happened. I was shocked, there was nothing that happened with him recently to predict this; he was just at work happy and joking around as could be. I was shocked at first and it wasn't till I got inside that I just couldn't keep the tears away; he was a pretty big guy and so sweet. I always thought of him as our big brown teddy bear(he was also very dark skinned) The part that really gets to me is that just last week was his birthday and during a conversation with him he told me that for his birthday he wanted to go up to heaven to give his angel mama a hug and sing her a song; he wanted to know if that would be ok. I asked him what song he would sing and he said one he made up. I asked him to sing it to me and he just started singing this little tune about going to his angel mama and giving her a hug, it was pretty cute. Then he told me that he wanted to go up to heaven and he asked if he could go up there. I told him that he couldn't go yet because I would miss him to much. Well I guess Heavenly Father decided to give him his wish and I know that he is so happy up in heaven without his physical and mental limitations but I'm still gonna miss him so much at work. He had such a big heart, was never one to complain and always quick with compliments. It took me awhile to get to know him because he was very soft spoken and is definitely one to avoid attention but it was all the more reason to develop a really soft spot for him in my heart. The rest of the morning I found so much more appreciation in each one of the wonderful people that I get to work for. I kept looking at them and tearing up just thinking about how much I love them and how much I would miss them if they weren't here anymore but how easily one of them could pass away any day. Since I have been working here last August there have now been 3 clients from my facility pass away. I hope to do better at helping them to enjoy each day at work and to make the most of my time with them. July will be my last month here and I am not looking forward to saying goodbye.