Saturday, June 26, 2010

Logan, Here we come.

We have been terrible about keeping people updated lately, we are so busy spending time with all the people that we missed while we were in Korea. After Hawaii, where we had a blast (and might post some pictures soon of this) we went Oregon for a very short visit with the Waites. After most of the new nieces and nephews on the Olsen side ran from me, I was glad to have all of the nieces and nephews from the Waite side run to me. I really missed them a lot.
We also got to spend some time with one of Christina's old roommates. We went to a cabin and lake in central Washington, it rained until the day we left, but we still had a great time. We wanted to spend more time in Oregon but we kept feeling like we needed to get to Logan to find housing. I was especially torn because my brother really needed help with a fencing contract that he had. We didn't have a ride to Utah, but by luck (or most likely divine intervention) I met up with my old institute teacher and we found out he was going to Utah the next Monday. I really wanted to stick around Oregon another week because a cousin was returning from a mission, and another cousin was blessing his baby, but in the end we took the free ride to Utah.
We spent a day getting insurance and clearing up some other errands, and then we went to Logan. We spent the first day trying to find a cheap mobile home without success. That night we drove up Logan canyon and camped out. The next day we gave up looking for a trailer and started looking for apartments. We called about 27 zillion numbers, but didn't have much success, but we did find a lot of places in our price range. After we had spent most of the day driving around and calling people that didn't answer their phones, we decided to check out an apartment that Christina had found that was listed just that morning.
We looked at it and liked it but found out that there was another couple who had filled out an application before us. The apartment was right across the street from campus, and only one block from the building that all of my classes were in, we really wanted it. It was one of the cheapest apartments that we had found, and it was in such a great location, the managers assured us that they never had any trouble filling vacancies, but that they would call us if the other couple decided not to take the apartment.
By that time we were both tired of the search, but we kept looking and did not make much progress. What I don't understand is why people list apartments for rent and then never answer their phones? Don't they want to rent them out? Or are they so sure of filling them that they only answer the phone occasionally just to make it more interesting? Anyways, we got really annoyed with the search and decided to call it a day. We camped out again in Logan Canyon and went to the library the next morning to charge our phone and check to see if any new apartments had been listed. We didn't find any promising leads, and were just waiting for the phone to finish charging when we got a call (we had left about 27 zillion messages the day before, so we were hoping to hear something good) it was the place right across from campus, and the other couple didn't want the apartment. I ran down the hill to give them the money for a background check, and if we pass, we have the apartment.
We feel that we have been very blessed to find a cheap apartment so close to campus. As always, everything seemed to just fall into place when we needed it most. We will be in Lindon for a little while longer, then we're off to Logan. We are excited to start this new stage in our life.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How Time Goes By

Sorry to have left everyone hanging for so long. If any of you are wondering 8 days ago Liji and I finished our adventure in South Korea and headed onto our new adventure in Logan Utah where Liji will be starting a Master's Program. We are super excited to be closer to family for the next 2 years, but we will forever treasure our year in Korea. We had so many special experiences and made so many dear friends. Korea will always be a very tender place in our hearts with all of the manner wonderful memories Liji and I made there.
But before heading straight to Logan we're going to be traveling around visiting family and friends who have been so greatly missed. This last week we have been have a wonderful time in Hawaii with my parents and some of my siblings. It is so beautiful, but actually I was surprised upon arrival that as far as the landscape goes I think it is prettier in Korea; more green and lush:) The ocean is 100 times clearer though and the air is a 100 times cleaner here in Hawaii, which has definately been a treat. We were getting pretty tired of breathing the smog and not being able to see out farther than a 100 yards.
On Tuesday we'll be arriving in Oregon to visit with our Waite's side of the family and then with 2 of my best friends. The thing I missed most about being away was having close girlfriends to chat and laugh with. I never realized how important that is for women to have, until not having it and knowing something was missing but not being able to figure out what it was for a few months until it just dawned on me how much I longed to have some girl time.
Everything after that isn't yet set in stone, but we'll pretty much be travelling around until it's time for Liji to start his program in August. We'll be looking for housing in Logan, visiting Idaho, visiting Colorado, visiting California, and I may possibly get to go with my sister to Nauvoo, Independance, and Texas. We feel so blessed to be able to have such a nice break to look forward to and hope we will get to reconnect with many of you who we have missed so much. Thank you for keeping tabs on us and sharing our adventures with us as we have been gone. We are so greatful to have so much love and support.

Here are my cute parents who I missed so much.
I got to go shopping with my mom and share this tasty strawberry shortcake cream puff.
And here I am on the lap I missed sitting on so much; my dear Dad(with my adorable little nieces). They gave us a great homecoming.

I still have a lot of pictures from our last few days in Korea saying good-bye and now a lot from Hawaii so stay tuned.

Friday, June 4, 2010

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