Friday, February 21, 2014

My Waite Children

My Waite Children

So long I wait for the day we meet
The day I kiss your tiny feet
My dreams so often turn to you
And the love I feel for someone unknown
Wonder, I may, of the wait so long
For children of my own to come
So many others I’ve taught and loved
When can I get the ones I bring home?
Of course I seek, I ponder, I pray
My Lord has mercy and answers with Peace
My children are happy, protected and loved
Preparing and learning for their journey ahead
So I wait with patience and hope
For the day we will meet

By: Christina Waite                                          

   One particularly frustrating day after a few years of marriage and yet another negative pregnancy test the words of this poem just started flowing into my mind.  I am not a writer by any means so please don't judge the flow too harshly.  I wouldn't normally share something like this but I have several friends going through these same trying times right now and if this can help strengthen anyone out there it will be worth my embarrassment of sharing something so personal.  These words are something that over the next coming years of waiting I turned to often, and they helped me remember the Peace and this answer that did come. While praying one night Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to feel of my children's joy at where they were at and to let me know that they were with Him and He was taking care of them. I knew that they would come when they were ready and it was their appointed time to be on Earth.   I had not thought of it like this before. I was always thinking of myself and what I wanted to happen.  Turning my focus to them and what was best for them made it a little easier.   And now our little boy is here and another on the way and the years of waiting were all worth it.  Ryeland has brought more happiness into our home than we could have ever imagined. He is and will always be such a treasure to us.

"The formula of faith is to hold on, work on, see it through, and let the distress of
earlier hours—real or imagined—fall away in the abundance of the final reward."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
    I don't know if  we'll be good from here on out or if we will have to wait longer than we want to for other children down the road but I do know that it will all be according to the Lord's will and will be what is best for our family. To those of you still waiting right now I really hope that your time comes soon.  I know that it is so, so, so Hard!  The doctors bills paid with no reward in site, the decisions to be made regarding treatment, the roller coaster of good news and soon after bad news giving you a roller coaster of emotions, trying to hold back the tears every time someone asks you how things are going ect., ect. It is all so hard to deal with. But I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much; it will all be well in the end!  And the reward in the end will be all the more special :) I mean; just look at the foot up top!


Mikey and Petra said...

Love it Christina. We love you and are so happy for your family.

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Thank you!

Mallorie said...

Thank you so much Christina. I really needed that.